Almost Incognito "Drenched Silence" (The Lost Demos)

Almost Incognito Drenched Silence


Re-mastered 2004

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Written and Produced by Dario L. Jaramillo

Copyright © 2004 Dario L. Jaramillo

Recording/engineering: DLJ

Cover photos: DLJ

Design/Imaging: DLJ

Creative Director: DLJ


Almost Incognito

All instruments Dario L. Jaramillo

(Except "Border Song" & "All Over Again":

12 string Guitar and vocals DLJ

guitar: Domingo "Mingui" Perez

Bass: Jorge de la Paz

Drums: Julio Blanco)

Recorded live in Miami, FL between 1990 & 2000

Re-Mastered and sweetened in Santa Monica CA 2004