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Ankora Gallery

ANKORA 1975 - 1976

Feel For You  *        

Miss CD                                   

Gentle Beating of The Drum   



A Rock & Roll Star     

ANKORA  1973 - 1974

Dime **          

Sentimientos Rindieron        


Como El Aire Como El Viento

Drive and Crash                        

After The Crash

ANKORA 1972 - 1973

Searching  ***                           


Sera Algun Dia 


Produced and arranged by: Ankora

All selections written by H. Taylor except where * noted.

* written by Dario L. Jaramillo

** written by Roberto Calero/Alberto Ramirez

*** written by Titanic


Hugo W. Taylor:                               Bass  - lead vox

Dario L. Jaramillo:                           Guitars  -  bu vox 

(bass  "A Rock & Roll Star" & "God")

Grego Del Arroyo:                             Percussion

Rodrigo Cordova:                              Drums/high pitch vox

Luis Miguel Caicedo:                         Drums

Recorded on a one track "live" at Hugo W. Taylor's home in Juanambu, Cali, Colombia - 1976

(additional bounces to and from the one track to a cassette deck produced the vocals).

Roberto Calero:                     Rhythm guitar/bass/vocals

Quique Angel:                           Lead guitar

Julian Panadero Arboleda:       Drums/vocals

Hugo Taylor:                              Bass/vocals

Andres Andujar:                         Farfisa Organ

Luis Spataro:                            Lead guitar

Quique Angel:                           Rhythm guitar

Julian Panadero Arboleda:       Drums

Hugo Taylor:                              Bass/vocals

Andres Andujar:                         Farfisa organ

Freddy Borgenicht:                    African drum

Brenda Gonzales:                      Vocal

Jan Peter Kluckhon:                   Manager

Brujo Villegas:                           Road manager