Fluxr - "Unidentified Objects"

Fluxr - Unidentified Objects


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Written by: Jaramillo-Spadaro

Produced/Arranged by: Dario L. Jaramillo

Co-Production: Joe D. Spadaro

Performed by FLUXR

Guitars, bass, keyboards, percusion, programming: Dar

Lead vocals: Joe

Special Guests:

Doc Holiday: Backup vocals - "Roll"

Brandon Kachel: Drums - "Tale", "Open Fist" & "Move Aside"

Recorded at: Ravenfilm|SRG LLC Studio, Culver City, CA  2005 - 2006

"Move Aside" recorded live at The Barbarian Overlord Studio July 2009; bass overdubbed later at Ravenfilm Studios

Drums on "Tale" & "Open Fist" recorded at The Barbarian Overlord Studio August 2009

Mixed at: Ravenfilm Studio, Santa Monica, CA July-August 2009

Recording Engineer: Joe D. Spadaro

Mix/edit engineer: Dario L. Jaramillo

Cover photo/design/imaging: DLJ

Creative Director: DLJ

Copyright © 2006-2013 Jaramillo-Spadaro