Mysterious Guitar Fingerpicking

Mysterious Guitar Fingerpicking


Recorded 2007

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Composed/arranged/performed by Dario L. Jaramillo

Cover photo/design/imaging: DLJ

Creative Director: DLJ

Copyright © 2007 Dario L. Jaramillo

Recorded in Santa Monica CA 2007

"Mysterious Picker" recorded May 2006 "live".

"Savage Heart" recorded September 05, 2006 "live"; video can be seen here.

"Victory Is Just Being Alive" recorded 1980 "live" in Cali, Colombia at Paranova Films

Using Guild F-40 Blonde, Yamaha APX-9-12, Yamaha APX-7CN & Ovation Celebrity Model CS 257 guitars/12 string instruments (and a few synths here and there).