Psychos For Sanity "I'm Out...Where Is Everyone?"

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Recorded 2012

Produced by Dario L. Jaramillo & Hugo W. Taylor

Music by Dario L. Jaramillo

Lyrics & vocal melodies by Hugo W. Taylor

Music arranged and recorded by: Dario L. Jaramillo

Vocals/bass arranged and recorded by: Hugo W. Taylor

Mix by: Dario L. Jaramillo

Psychos For Sanity

Lead vocals: Hugo Watts Taylor

Guitars, keyboards, percussion: Dario L. Jaramillo

Bass: Hugo W. Taylor

Backup vocals: Hugo Watts Taylor

Creative Director/Design/Imaging/Photographs/Videos: Dario L. Jaramillo

Copyright © 2012 Dario L. Jaramillo - Hugo W. Taylor

Recorded/Mixed in Santa Monica, CA - Seattle, WA 2012

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